She’s our furry baby in the office. She has the most adorable and sweetest way of greeting us every morning. Her tail is wagging and her excitement is contagious. She is very smart! She can do lots of tricks that will entertain you and will give you enough reason to give her a treat, or at least, a good rub on her belly.

I can still remember the first time I saw her. Kevin (her owner/father) bought her and I went with him at Festival Mall. She was so small, and cute (of course!), her eyes is so expressive – it seems like she has a lot to say. From then on, going to the office is extra special because Nica is there. 😉 Having a dog in the workplace increased morale and productivity. She became a stress reliever for most of us – a living “stress ball”, she naturally alleviate stress.

Nica also helps build camaraderie in the office. It is an inherent advantage of having a pet to gather around (especially when she has new tricks and we’re watching at her). She has the positive vibe that facilitates conversation among co-workers too.

I also love how Nica is being so affectionate. That makes her a man’s bestfriend and a favored companion. Lately, I find myself getting a lot of comfort from her. I have been comforted by her presence, just looking at her helps me feel better. I love cuddling her. Cuddling is not something that you can teach, but it is instinctual. I like the feeling when she’s resting her jaw on my shoulder and receives all the “gigil” I have for her.

Study says dogs increases our “happy-hormone” (I couldn’t agree more). I have read one article in the internet which says, Oxytocin Increases When Your Dog Looks at You.  Oxytocin is the hormone that increases when we kiss or hug a loved one. It is also the same hormone that is present when you are “breast-feeding” that creates a mother-baby bonding. So, you aren’t really crazy when you’re thinking that your pet is your baby. 🙂 The bond is woven from the same stuff anyway.

I have my own “babies” / dogs at home. Tasha and Esau, and our guard dog, Dondy. I love all of them! It’s just that, I happened to spend most of my time at work – with Nica and she has that “extraordinary” sweetness. Disclaimer: I have no favoritism 😛

Both canines and humans can be trained to coexist in a workspace that nurtures productivity and creativity and at the same time – love. Agree?

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