Can This Be Love..? :D



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Mommy and Daddy ♥

Every couple has Their Story.
(How I met you Mother? How I met your Father? :D)
The story they tell when they meet each other’s friends and families for the first time, the story they tell their children or even to their grandchildren.
The story they whisper to each other during romantic moments “Do you remember when…” :”> ayeeeh. haha!

Every couple has Their Story of how they got together.

Some stories are simple, some stories are complicated.
Some stories are funny, some stories are serious.

All stories are wonderful and have a happy ending especially when you let God write that story.

My Mom and Dad are happily married for 33 years now.

For some time, I’ve been wondering if true love still exist because the word “love” has for the most part seemed to have lost its meaning. BUT here it is. Right in front of me.. a kind of love that still hold each others hand after fight.

I love you, Mommy and Daddy. ♥

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