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It’s been a year since my last post here in ardentmelody. I find it hard to blog regularly after some technical errors happened in my blog, oh well, I have a lot of reasons, but it’s not reasonable enough. Things just “slipped away”. One month turned into two months, three months and into a year. (This is normal, right? Is the same thing happening to you?)

But this time, it doesn’t matter how or why I orphaned my blog for so long. What matter is I want to go back. I hope it will not be really hard to go back to blogging after a long hiatus. To give some encouragement to myself, I take note 5 things that will motivate me into writing.


1. “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

I think the easiest part of continuing to blog is for me to be able to talk about my feelings. Sharing or writing my thoughts like what it says here. They say writing is partly art and partly skill. The art comes from within and I think that’s what I have right now, I hope skills will follow.


2. Be inspired and motivated.

One of the biggest barriers into blogging is that I may feel uninspired. I ran out of post ideas or hate those topics I already have—either way, something needs to change. To start feeling inspired about my blog again, I decided to put myself in situations where I think of my best ideas; like what I love to do and want to share with others.

The Bible has something to say about motivation. For one thing, our sense of motivation or inspiration comes from God, not from the things of the world. David spoke of his motivation in his psalms: “I desire to do Your will, O my God; Your law is within my heart” (Psalm 40:8). Being in the presence and glory of God is our true motivation.


3. Develop an eye for meaningful things.

I am on my #day93 of my #100happydays (note: 100 happy days is a challenge for all social media users to submit a picture everyday of what made them happy) This challenge help me to find something/someone that is making me happy everyday. Same thing goes into blogging, I think, frequently writing will give me an eye to look for meaningful things happening to me.  (AND sometimes the most meaningful things appear in the most mundane)


4. Improved Time-management skills.

One of the famous reason why some people aren’t blogging or writing is because of “busy schedule” and or “lack of time”. I myself is guilty of that. Now, guess what? I am still busy, however, I don’t want to let the investment in this blog go to waste. So I start to blog again, at least once a week. Not just because Sir Sean told me to do so. I want to do it also for myself, to make plans, include this in my schedule. I know this will lead to a healthier life habits.


5. Inspire others.

Inspiring people starts with one person: yourself. If you have the spark of inspiration, you can inspire others. That’s the key. – Thomas Barta

This will go back to my point number 2. To be inspired and motivated in order for me to inspire others.  It is my joy to inspire others to become a better thinker and better writer.


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  1. Hey Aubrey,

    Great article! Just continue what you have started and may your light shine upon before men through this blog by inspiring other. Looking forward for more of your articles.

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