Free Travel (Singapore)

Aubrey at Changi

Indeed, the best things in life are FREE! 😀

This includes free travel for me. One of the undeniable perks of being the youngest!

For whatever reason, my brother had a favorable accommodation, I was tagged along in his SG-KL travel. Sharing you our travel diaries, itinerary, and unsolicited opinion about different things and places. 😀


plane ride

We took an early morning flight as we were planning to go straight to (a-must) Merlion at Marina Bay to visit the famous SG icon and then Universal Studios after, for a day tour.

We arrived at Changi Airport around 7AM, up and ready for a full day travel at SG. We went to Tanah Merah Train station going to Raffles Place MRT station then a bit of long walk to Merlion. There are plenty of buses and taxis around Singapore, but the MRT runs the length and breadth of the country. Tickets vary based on the distance traveled, but generally cost around 4 SGD (as of writing). There’s also a Singapore Tourist Pass which has unlimited travel within a designated time period. A 1-day pass costs 10 SGD, a 2-day pass is 16 SGD, and a 3-day pass is 20 SGD. (Note that there is a 10 SGD deposit that’s returned if you return the card 5 days after purchasing it).

Aubrey-Chris Merlion

Aubrey at Merlion

Of course, we came to visit this half-lion, half -fish Singapore’s most sought-after photo op with a beautiful fountain of water spurting out into the picturesque Marina Bay. After the achieved photo-op, we went to Bayfront or Raffles Place (I’m not sure if it was the same station) going to Sentosa – Sentosa Express going to Universal Studios.

Aubrey at Universal Studios

If you want to avoid the ticket queues, buying tickets beforehand online is preferable (and cheaper). Gates open at 10.00am and I would suggest arriving around 10 minutes beforehand for you to have that “seemingly” solo pic on its famous US globe.

The kid in me enjoys the photo opportunities throughout the day with various characters from Sesame Street, Transformers, etc.  As much as I want to take pictures with all of them, I am not that patient in lines.

There are seven zones at Universal Studios Singaproe: Hollywood, New York, Sci Fi, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar.

If you’re a fan of roller-coaster, you shouldn’t missed Battlestar Galactica. The Battlestar Galactica is a Human (red track) v’s Cylon (blue track) dual high speed roller-coaster ride where both depart simultaneously. And my personal fave is the waterworld show.

Everything is fun and beautiful. Tiring (for it requires a lot of walking) and will make you starved.

So we end our USS Tour with a quick USS meal before heading to the Train Station going to Kual Lumpur, Malaysia.

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