Finding Healing: Acceptance

We all have problems, some we are ok to share with others because it’s a relatable topic, some we have problems to trust because it risks our reputation to being an abnormal or a grave sinner.

The knee-jerk reaction to such problems in our time of confusion is to throughly deny it and pray. While I do believe in the power of prayer, it takes two to have a breakthrough. One is to believe in God who will help you but the other is to make a way for God to help you. Don’t expect a miracle in which God is a magical genie who will grant you freedom just because you want to.

Thorn in the flesh

Have you ever prayed for some struggle fervently but haven’t had the breakthrough against it for years?

It should come to no surprise that some burdens are given to you for life. It’s not meant to be healed because it is meant to show others that they can be strong enough like you to fight against it and therefore be a blessing to the silent niche that has been looking for a hero/heroine.

But the first step to win against the struggle is to accept there is one.

There’s a lot of people who try to deny they have struggles like depression, homosexuality, lustful and compulsive lying. As if to accept who they are is to be a mutant of some sort. These struggles come with our human nature, and the more you tell yourself that it’s not you, the more confused your heart gets on what to do next. You know who you are the most, and you know what you have, you can only either accept it as a gift or live your life itching on the unknown.

Acceptance is not Approval

When you have come to accept what you have, and you see it as a problem, that is the probable chance that you will try to find solutions in an active effort. Don’t get my vocabulary wrong, acceptance is not approval therefore it doesn’t mean that when you have the struggle that you have to consent the temptation. Yes, you will fall every now and then but to actively give in is different from just accepting what you have.

Once you’ve come to be at peace with what you are, start to be more confident with yourself. Find clarity against the confusion and act according to your conviction. Don’t live life alone, surround yourself with those who you see will help you, that will improve your state and make the burden a little lighter than being alone.

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