like icon I posts both personal and work related updates to my news feed.  Sharing Buzzfeed videos and other worth watching vids, inspirational quotes, SEO Hacker blog posts, Social Media stuff and/or story of my life *kind-of-post. You’ll never really know what to expect from me. Well, if you personally know me, I encouraged you to add me 🙂 Online high five, yo!

twitter iconI love Social Media and I hope the feeling is mutual. I have few followers on Twitter, You might want to click and follow me? Random thoughts, mentions and retweets. Looking forward to see your tweets at @aubiiiii . 🙂

gplusI am not that active on G+ but you know it’s important to have one. ;;D Google+ is a social network that builds off of your Google Account. If you have a Google Account, I’m sure you have G+. Follow me and let’s share and discover things that makes the world a better place.

linkedinOh, my corporate communication channel. Please do endorse me on something you know I’m good at 🙂 Let’s be connected! I share stuff that might be helpful to your career, too! And yea, the more connections, the better.

instagramSo you’ll always know what’s happening with me if you follow me on Instagram. It’s my photo diary Haha! I posts family pictures, selfies, groufies, amazing foods that I ate,  different places and faces

pinterestFollow me on Pinterest with my awesome virtual pinboards, encouraging you (yes, you!) to create themed collages by “pinning” and sharing favorite items. Isn’t it nice?

spotifyOne thing that I love about Spotify is the ability to create and share your playlist —we do it all the time! Who doesn’t love a good mix compilation? Let’s share different genre of music. yayy! Follow me.

emailOf course, you can contact me via email. aubrey (dot) madrona (at) gmail (dot) com

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