Can You Spend The Night At The Airport?

It’s 3AM and while my teammates are all asleep, here I am typing at my WordPress app, blogging, because I cannot sleep.

We’re at HK since like 12MN waiting for our connecting flight to Cambodia at 7AM.

You maybe wondering why we took the connecting flight, why this time. Me, too. So yea, since we’re here now, why not let’s talk some practical tips to spend the night at the airport.

1. Have extra shirt, brush and tooth paste in your hand-carry.

Assuming you’ll be spending like 7 hours of waiting game, you don’t want to smile and greet everyone with your morning breath as you wake up. Also, just in any case your check-in luggage will be delayed or lost, you have some spare.

2. Bring earphones/headphones

Of all the time, who would’ve thought that there will be construction on a wee hours. Why hk airport, whyyyy? Your earpiece will be a great companion as you tried to get some snooze in spite of the noise.

3. Don’t! Again, do not drink coffee at night.

McCafe’s Salted Caramel Latte. Main culprit of yea, why am doing this.

4. Be early

So you can get the best place to sleep, yo.

5. Neck pillow/ pillow is your bestfriend.

For comfy and a good night sleep.

6. Netflix

Back-up plan.

7. Watch your friends sleeping

Hoping you’ll get sleepy as you watch them sleep.

Ps. Be happy for them as you wish you’ll get a nap before mr sun came up.

8. Be safe and protect your bags

One of the major concern when sleeping at the airport is obviously getting robbed while you sleep.

9. Contemplate

Why do you need to get through this. Lols or do some IG story instead. Remember that one point in your life that you need to sleep but you can’t. 😂

10. Download WP app.

Write a blog. Because, why not? Be productive!

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