Missed Chances And Unreciprocated Love (Sara Bareilles – Between the Lines)


between the lines
Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. It’s through our words and actions that we share ourselves with others. However, not all of us are good in expressing how we feel and what we really meant to say.

This is exactly why people would rather implicitly communicate what they think, what they feel, as if the subtle words that they are using are enough to convey the depth of their emotion. Worse, they often say nothing at all. Ugh. But wouldn’t life be much simpler if people can just say what they mean without worrying about the repercussions?

The rainy season brought on a feeling that I haven’t explored much since listening to Regina Spektor’s Samson.  This time the song Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles accompanied me in one of my cold and melancholic nights, enveloping me with an emotion that disturbed. I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to feel sad every now and then, but that creeping feeling still seems foreign to me. Research says that mild, temporary states of sadness may actually be beneficial in handling various aspects of our lives. Many of the greatest achievements of art, music, and literature explore the landscape of sadness. In fact, the movie Inside Out explored this through a character appropriately named Sadness and her role in Riley’s life. And I thought, apart from the weather, wanting to feel sad will help me reflect about my life, think about the things I’ve done or things I’m about to do. One of those realisations came to me when I listened to Between the Lines: the complexity of relationships.

(listen to it with Spotify lyrics and feel it, please)

I know each one of us has a different opinion and interpretation about the song, but for me,  it’s about two people who are “friends” (probably more than friends but less than lovers) and the girl had feelings for her friend, never said anything,  and now he has found someone else. They will always be “between the lines”

“I thought I was ready to bleed
That we’d move from the shadows on the wall
And stand in the center of it all
Too late, two choices, to stay or to leave
Mine was so easy to uncover
He’d already left with the other”

I was reminded of a friend’s story, who opened up a similar situation. (I asked permission if I can blog about their story, she said yes but doesn’t want to named her, so let’s just hide her by the pronoun “she”)

They built a strong friendship. They told secrets to each other, life plans, and goals. The two of them can just hang out, maybe watch a film, without any kind of malice.

Or so they thought.

You see, those feelings grew.

They placed themselves in a vulnerable situation in which you and I can be.

Let’s not talk about their story anymore, because I think opening up your heart to another person and hoping for him or her to love you in return IS SO COMMON.


“loving someone who didn’t love you back” The saddest, most painful part of it all. But you love anyway.  I think that’s the essence of loving. You’re giving away part of you without asking anything in return.

Sara seems to embody a feeling that probably most everyone has experienced in life.

“Too late, two choices, to stay or to leave”

Often the most REGRETTED words are those left UNSAID.

You either free your soul and spill, or die in torment to salvage.

This is the part where you will have to decide to keep it because you’re afraid of rejection or probably scared of losing the friendship.  If you know for sure that the feelings are mutual, then there is no risk involved.

I tell myself all the words he surely meant to say
I’ll talk until the conversation doesn’t stay on
Wait for me, I’m almost ready when he meant let go

She was ready to come out and tell him how she feels and then they would be together. but she was too late.

Let go.

the two of you would have been an unstoppable force and an amazing love story – or NOT.

I understand why there are things that should not be said. Or if we will, it should be done with WISDOM. How we say it and the right timing when we say it.

Okay, that’s the end of my blog post. I don’t know how to end this. Haha! BUT I DEFINITELY add this song as one of my fave unrequited love songs.

I just want to say few more things.

Woman, I still believed that we deserved to be pursued but if the guy’s actions made you feel confused, I believed you can ask “WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION?” (PewDiePie accent) but please, be patient and love your guy friends with brotherly love. If God intended you to be partners, He will surely nourish that love in His time.

and GUYS, please, man-up. Lay down your intentions, be ready for a NO and don’t play with our fragile heart and emotions. huhu.

Alright, what is my point now?

Sometimes, it will not work the way we want it. (That’s reality) but even if it doesn’t, be assured that we can trust God. Later on, you will be thankful about why things happened that way. (I’m not trying to be religious or anything.) But this is FAITH.

Understand that life isn’t just about you and your love story but HIS LOVE STORY.

Romans 5:8

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

This is TRUE LOVE.

God’s love is unconditional, and it’s not based on feelings or emotions. He doesn’t love us because we’re lovable or because we make Him feel good; He loves us because He is love. He created us to have a loving relationship with Him, and He sacrificed His own Son (who also willingly died for us) to restore that relationship.

Agree? 🙂

Thank you. I love you for taking time reading this.

What’s your thought about the song? about the love story of my friend? about unrequited love? and other random stuff. Tell me. 🙂

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