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Today, I am missing my niece, Louise. So I decided to write her a letter which she’ll probably read by the time she’s 7 to 8 years old.

I hope you’ll like it, Louise. I’m the sweetest Auntie, ikr? – you know, the only Aunt you have (on your dad’s side). But even if you do have more, I’d be the coolest. *wink*

Amanda Louise


Dear Amanda Louise,

This isn’t the first blog that I talked about you. I remember blogging last year when we knew that We’re Expecting A Baby.  : )

I’m always excited and looking forward to every weekend that I’ll be seeing you. (If only I can bring you to the office, I will teach you about digital marketing, and let you do my job  hehe)

I am so happy whenever I am holding you. I love kissing your tiny hands and feet.  And oh! my heart melts when you smile.  Such a joy.

I know it’s too early to bask in your developmental milestones because there will be more! But right now, I am impressed on how you’re trying to carry your head.  Good job!

I would also like to commend your parents for doing the Baby-Wise thingy on you. I only saw that book once, but I do think that it’s effective. I might want to try it someday to my future child(ren)

I love how you cry (I mean, I don’t want to see you cry, but it’s cute!) but most of the time, you’re so quiet and so easy to stop you from crying.

I also love it when you’re acting like you understand us and trying to make a conversation with your eye-expressions and cute sounds that no one can interpret yet we understand and it makes us smile.

I just simply love everything about you.

Also, It seems like you’re a lola’s girl. (Be careful, she might spoil you, but promise me, don’t be bratty, okay?)

I want you to know that I will always provide a safe place for you to voice any questions you have, as you get older.  if you ever find there is a time you need to talk with someone and cannot go to your mom or dad, Sometimes, life is confusing and I am here for you.
I obviously enjoy giving you cute outfits (and my secret goal is to slowly turn you into a panda “Amanda Panda”) There’s a lot of things that I wanted to buy for you, but your dad – my brother, wouldn’t want me to spend too much, so I’m starting to control and fight the urge of buying you stuff. (I don’t think I can. Haha!)

Amanda Louise, Isn’t she Lovely?

I really love your name (and you, of course). I remember asking kuya, what does it mean?

Amanda comes from a Latin word meaning “beloved”, “lovable, worthy of love” while Louise is a French word meaning “renowned warrior”.

Although in the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, Juliet says that the person’s name is not merely as important as what the person is on the inside. However, in the Bible, name plays a significant role in a person’s life and they have a variety of functions.

For example, Moses, his name literally means “to draw out” because his mother drew him out of a river (Exodus 2:10) sometimes because of parents’ reaction Isaac which means “laughter” (Genesis 21:6) and some were used to secure family ties, when John the Baptist was nearly given the name of his father (Luke 1:59) some of the biblical names could be used to communicate God’s message, and many more.

I just pray that you will live up to your name – To Love and be loved.

Names are too often used to express the nature of a person. See how amazing it is? The best example for this is the name Jesus which literally means “The Lord saves” (Matthew 1:20-21) and yes, He did save us. I can’t wait to introduce you to Jesus as soon as you can. I am sure you will love him, I promise. We will never run out of stories about His greatness and blessings – that includes you, Amanda.

I love being an aunt because of you.

Know that I will always be here for you. I want to provide a safe place for you, to voice any questions you have as you get older. (And when there are times when you need to talk with someone and cannot go to your mom or dad). I know, sometimes, life is confusing and I am here for you. Let’s figure things out and I will stand with you in prayers.


Here’s my little prayer for you.
Heavenly Father, Thank you for your many gifts, especially for blessing us the life of our princess, Louise. I submit her to You.

She’s really a blessing and joy to us all. I do pray that you make that a continuing reality. That she will fill the lives of all the people around her with that deep, cavernous joy that comes from knowing You.

God, I know You love her more than we do. I just pray that you would give her everything her heart desires. Use her to change the world for You. Make her heart yearn to learn Your word. Use the beauty of the surroundings to remind her family’s love. Every time she sees the beauty of sunrise and sunset, have her reflect on Your majesty and power. Don’t let anything stand in the way between her relationship with You. Amen


Love you always,

Aunt Aubi


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