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“And Aubrey was her name… A not so very ordinary girl or name.” (Aubrey by Bread) My mom’s favorite song and where she got my name.

I think that song fits me. For I believe that I am not an ordinary girl and made perfectly imperfect. Unique in the eyes of God, and Loved.

I’m the fourth, and youngest in the family. Growing up the only girl amongst three boys certainly had its perks. I know there isn’t much they’re not willing to do to keep me safe. I so love my family and I’m forever thankful to God that He gave me a beautiful one, that inspires me, motivates me and loves me.

I simply love Music, which has been part of my life ever since I was 6 years old, that’s also the time I began playing Piano. And with the influence of my friends, I also started playing violin, guitar and ukulele.

Right now I’m playing keyboard (as a volunteer) in our Local Church, at Victory Alabang.

As for the music I like to listen to, I grew up listening to Christian Music, and up to now, I still love listening to it. Then I became a huge fan of Pop, Rock, even Classical, or if there’s any song that caught my attention, I end up searching it and studying the song.

So how do I come up with “Ardent Melody”?

“Ardent” is an adjective means expressive of or characterized by intense desire or emotion; passionate, intensely enthusiastic.

I learned this word from a friend, who gave me other term for “passionate/ devoted”. I like to see myself playing that way, where others will be encouraged to the music itself, and for a main reason that I’m not playing for people but for my Creator, Who deserves a Praise and Worship that really comes from the heart. Devoted.

As the Bible says in Ephesians 5:19,

Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord. (NIV)

singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart (ESV)

Make Music. What makes the melody is that these sounds come from a Spirit-filled heart. It indicates that it is a Spirit filled believer’s lifestyle. The sounds that please the Lord are the sounds that come from a Spirit-filled heart.

Have you ever experienced the joy of singing praises to God with a group all of whom were genuinely Spirit filled? You cannot come much nearer to heaven’s door!

That’s why I love my Sundays where in I can gather with other Worshipers and just let my heart flow.

While “Melody” is one of the most basic elements of music.

Since the purpose of this blog is to help the readers play the instrument and to create not just merely sound, but a Melody.

In my real life, I’m a Social Media Specialist (Keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , and other stuff related to Social Media.) working at SEO-Hacker, where I learned a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a new career for me, after working in a Hospital as a Staff Nurse (Yes, I’m a Nurse). Health-related to an Internet Marketing world, (Exciting!) and lots of fun.

Learning new things, working with nice people and growing Spiritually with my work mates as well.

oh. So there. I hope you’ll learn, and enjoy the lessons….and all other stuff in here. 🙂



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