Ardent Melody

Aubrey In Wanderland (My Wanderland Music and Arts Festival Experience)


“Slow down so I can follow you…” – Panama

The whole event needs to slow down, literally, like everything went so fast and I missed most of the happenings up on stage. It’s a whole new experience to me.

Aside from concerts, I haven’t really gotten myself to a Music Festival, but not just because it’s expensive and it’s hard for me to spend thousands just for it.  (Haha! Miserly!) but because I’m also not familiar with the set of artists and their songs. So, nah!

But the stars unite and allows me to experience the galactic festival of this year’s Wanderland. I don’t know what to expect so I followed the Wanderland 2016 playlist on Spotify to prepare myself to sing-a-long and for a fan girling moment. Since then, I learned to love ’em and my most favorite is Bon Iver!!! O my gosh!!! The bearded hipster Justin Vernon. He has this inner emo that shows in his music. The lyrics embraces life lessons that have a lovely and melancholy vibe.

But to tell you honestly, I wasn’t able to  finish the whole set of Bon Iver and all the other artists. We were too busy manning the TOMS Outpost which is not bad at all.

It’s a great opportunity to meet TOMS Tribe

These are some of the things I get to work and play at the same time.

My most favorite is the ambush interview we had with random people and asked random questions. TOMS also offers its new coffee (for free!) that you can drink in a cool couche inside the TOMS tent.

Basically the goal is to build a community…naturally. Wherein it gives us an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and talk about TOMS giving trip. Then they can also try it virtually using the Samsung VR gear.

TOMS Outpost at Wanderland

(Photo Credits to Ja and TOMS)



What’s It Like To Work As A Social Media Specialist


I never dreamed to be a Social Media Specialist. Moreover, didn’t know this job exist.

This post is inspired by a week of being workaholic but enjoying it. (Or let’s just say, I chose to enjoy it)

From being a Staff Nurse on my first job, to a total career shift entering Internet Marketing at SEO Hacker (which by the way the reason where I am right now, and to whom I owe most of the things I learn about Social Media and SEO or prolly Marketing as a whole.)

As what Nelly Furtado said in her song  “All Good Things (Come To An End)” so did my stay at SEO Hacker.

I started working at TOMS Philippines last September 14, 2015 after taking my vacation to Davao, SG and KL.

I’ll tell you a secret. The reason for that travel is to set new feelings/ set my mind or to break what I used to in 3 years. So that I will not miss them that much. (It’s like moving on) 😛 But it’s not that effective, e. 🙁 Although it helps.

Going back, it’s really God’s favor that I found a new job not long enough from the time I left SEO. Although I’m praying for something else (nothing grand, but CLOSE TO MY HEART), but to make it clear, there’s no regret on my part in taking this job.

It’s difficult not to be impressed with TOMS. There’s a strong brand recognition, a great and very artsy office (Foundry Building), good facilities, employee perks, and nice people. (But I don’t have a solid companion YET, but I do have friends already)

It is expected that I’ll be having a series of adjustment. Almost in all aspect of my life. Character, attitude towards work and people, and more.

So, there, I just want to present my thoughts or just let it out, on what it’s like to work as a Social Media Specialist.

What do I do as a Social Media Specialist?

Obviously, part of it is creating and maintaining content for their brand in different Social Media platforms. It sounds so easy (I thought) because I’ve been doing it most likely for 2 to 3 years.  But content is just a part of a big picture as to be called “specialist” I was stretched in creating content on my previous job but actually, I missed the most important part of it, the reason why  those content were created. To engage, to create a community, in short, to actually communicate.

It’s my bad, I don’t have the right to complain, since it is in my power to strategize. But, but….. (okay, no excuses)

A good portion of my job is not just creating but also adapting content for each specific network. This includes positioning content in under 140 characters for Twitter, creating images and graphics to accompany Facebook and Twitter posts, taking and curating photos and videos for visual platforms like Instagram. Coming up with several iterations of post copy (since the lifespan of a social media post is so short), and even creating content from scratch specifically for growing a following on social media.

THIS IS SO MUCH WORK TO DO. Imagine in one brand, the standard/basic is having 1-2 posts on Facebook, 2-4 posts on Instagram and 3-6 on Twitter. All with different content from the other or at least, different on how you will present it. Not to mention my time spending in answering messages and regraming or retweeting mentions.

Ooooops!!! I am not ranting, I am passionately saying that these situation made me love my job MORE.

Yes, MORE. 😀

From 7-14 brands that I managed before, now down to 3. I can say that it is more personal, and I learned to adapt or maintain a voice for them. I learned how to owned them. Plus, receiving a compliment direct/indirect from a happy stranger is sooo fulfilling.

Okay, this is just my second week in my current job, if I change my mind, I’ll blog about it. JK. 😉

So aside from that, reports are still part of the job, Analytics, MORE NUMBERS and of course, metrics is nothing if you will not analyze it.

It’s 3AM so forgive me if I don’t make sense. 😀

My favorite part is the brainstorming where we can throw ideas how to leverage each product, event, stores etc. Execution of campaigns, designs, and communicating to different social media influencer. This is all new to me. I love to learn new things.

Marketing is a big world, and knowing that each person in the team plays a unique role, it helps to create a collaborative effort in the workplace that can lead to innovative approaches to projects, new processes to accomplish key tasks and shared ideas on varied responsibilities.

But the truth is, behind all these things that I’m doing. The Vision and the mission of the company is the core reason for me to love what I’m doing.

Improving LivesI am not just aiming for the sale, or on how to market it but I am thinking more of the results. How many kids will benefit in the program and how many lives will be save in providing trainings for safe birth, and how many people will receive help.

One for One. Referring to the company’s promise to deliver a pair of free, new shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product.

It’s like a ministry in a corporate setting. That’s a bonus.

(By the way, I’m not just handling TOMS, I also handle the retail “Nothing but H2O” and sister brand “Anemone Swimwear“.)

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @anemoneswimwear @tomsphilippines @nothingbuth2o *wink

What’s my favorite part of the job?

Lunch. Haha! Just kidding. My favorite part is the “crunch time” but I am not wishing to experience it everyday. I like the adrenalin when decisive action is needed. That critical period where me and my GA always have that “test of friendship” phase and needed some over time to finish urgent tasks.


I feel like a real “Specialist” in finding the value of what I am doing  as a part of the team. Much has been touted about how important it is to find a job you love. Maybe that’s not as critical as we’ve been led to believe. Appreciation is the key. And most importantly TRUST. Trusting in the Lord that He will bless you and you will be a blessing wherever He place you. Be secured on that.

*Sharing you my life verse.

Psalm 16:5-7

LORD you have assigned me my portion and my cup. You have made my lot secure.

My Own Memoir of Anxiety


Anxiety. This is one of the major topics that I love in Psychiatric Nursing when I was in college, but it feels different when you’re the one experiencing it.

I received a text message yesterday and I am starting to worry after reading it. I felt vague and unsettling, signs and symptoms of a mild anxiety.  Racing heartbeats, butterfly in the stomach. (Somehow similar with the feelings when you see your crush. Now,  can you relate?)

I know I’m worrying too much. And maybe it’s a part of being human but if I didn’t respond in a right way, I it can lead to Anxiety Disorder, it can be a common disorder but it is still an unpleasant mental state wherein there’s inability to function in a healthy way.


In the dictionary, Anxiety means a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
In other words, FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.
We are all afraid of the unknown to some degree or another
I will not go into details regarding types, causes or treatment or other medical explanation. You can always ask Google about it.
What I want you to remember is that
Anxiety Disorder aren’t just a matter of FEAR itself. The key component is what we do to get rid of that fear.
This blog post is inspired by the series of events that makes me anxious and how my PERSPECTIVE changed how I view Anxiety.  
Another life transition for me and I know, it’s fragile. It takes a lot of forces to make a rapid changes especially that I had that job for years. The thought of it makes me miss my work friends and now it’s happening.

Aside from that,  job is more than just the way I make a living. It give structure, purpose, and meaning. That’s why unemployment is one of the most stressful things that a person can experience.

Loss of income

Loss of professional identity
Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence
Loss of daily routine
Loss of purposeful activity
Loss of work-based social network and lastly,
Loss of sense of security.
I indulged myself with those thoughts and feel the depression a week after I submitted my resignation letter. I am certainly sure that I wanted to leave, but I do not know where to go and what’s waiting for me.
But it’s a different story when you know what to hoped for and where to put your faith.
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Heb. 11:1)
I always thank God for His word. Now, I’m taking chance to reflect on what I want and rethink my career priorities. Maybe this situation made me stronger. I’m sure to find something of value.
Days passed, I stop wallowing in self pity.
I acknowledged that these emotions are normal. I have every right to be upset, so I accept my feelings and go easy on myself.
I took a vacation and went to Davao. Enjoyed the nature and the amazing creation made by the Divine Artisan.
Like relationship breakups, I have to move on. Taking actions will help me feel more in control of the situation. I may never know what opportunities will arise, but that makes me trust God even more. Plus, the outpouring support of my family pleasantly surprise me. Simple words of sympathy and encouragement is a huge boost in this not-so-good time.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).
There are three key words in these verses: Anxious, prayer and, peace. Being anxious is the problem we are told to put off; prayer is the procedure we are told to practice; peace is the product we are promised by God.
Psalm 34:4
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  (John 14:27)
He spoke those comforting, and powerful words the night before His crucifixion – the most difficult night He’s here on earth, . God is called either the God or Lord of peace. That peace can be the constant experience of every Christian, even in the midst of trials.To experience God’s peace instead of anxiety, pray with thankfulness about every concern in every situation.

Do you have God’s peace in the midst of situations that the world gets anxious about? If not, examine yourself: Is your faith in Him and your focus on His kingdom? Have you drawn near to God?

You can put your full weight down on Him, and He will bear you up and give you His indescribable peace.

I Will Remember You


To a friend I never thought I’d have, this is a not-so-short appreciation letter to express how you’ve been a blessing to my life.

I do not remember exactly how the two of us became close friends. I just knew that you’re a cool person and fun to be with. I can still remember when you call me Audrey. I will always be grateful for that start and for all the memories that followed after. (I had an attempt to list the highlights of our friendship using the images I had on Facebook and Instagram as reference BUT it’s a lot! so, never mind.)

Pictures, food, coffee, food, “rolling in the deep”, food, games, music, food, Instagram, food, coffee, yep!  mostly food. hahaha! Things we bond and do together.


Thank you for making work more enjoyable for me.
Thank you for always being the supportive friend that you are.
Thank you for the advices, devotional talk or keep me company. You don’t know how uplifting your words of encouragement and support are.

Thank you for always believing in me during the times I myself forget to. For giving small rewards and appreciation even in little things – like blogging. You would always cheer me up and give me those inspirational talks when I’m having a hard time at work, with people, or with myself. That means a lot to me simply because they come from someone whose thoughts and opinions I treasure and value.

Thank you for noticing whenever something’s bothering me. Your gift of discernment is amazing!

Thank you for trusting me by confiding in me your problems. Opening up, showing me your vulnerability, and trusting me your secrets.


I am sorry if in any way, I offended you.

For some issues that my mind is still reeling and hasn’t quite settled with my questions in life. Sorry for overthinking.


I end up writing mostly about you. Why? Because I want you to know this is how I will remember you.
(Music cue: I will remember you, will you remember me?)


1. An Oracle.
You’re a person with great knowledge and wisdom. It’s both blessing and curse, right? ; ) But next to Google, when I have questions, I will definitely ask you because I know you have answers or at least something to say.

It amazes me whenever you’re sharing something (may it be from the book or blog that you’ve read) and telling your opinion about it.

We have differences and similarities in our point of views, which will bring me to number 2.

2. You know how to listen.
Despite of differences, you respect other’s opinion. You have the ability to make other people feel calm and accepted in your presence.  I am not sure if it is genuine though. hahaha! You often notice all the things other people seem to miss and you seek understanding for the logic and motivation behind how people behave.

You want to understand a person from every angle.

3. You think before you speak. You even pray before you utter what’s on your mind the last time, remember? : )

4. You can read people
You have an inherent sense about people and understand what they want or what they’re thinking without them having to say anything directly about it.

5. You pay attention to details

6. Sense of Humor
Your humor shows the ability to see the complexity in any given situation. Fast and witty.

7. Friendly
I know I’m friendly, but you go the extra mile of getting along with people whom I don’t noticed in my everyday life. Through you, I have met the baristas in Starbucks. I learned to thank them with their names. I have been friends with the manong guards in the village whom you always say hi’s nd hello’s

8. Your body language. Your jaw line + “don’t come near me” look when you’re mad, you’re dancing when you’re happy

9. Hates cucumber and Eggplant. And loves Tinola. (just additional info) 😀

10. A person who learns from mistake and who’s willing to face all the consequences.
Brave and at the same time it sound stupid. Especially when you know that it can harm you. You still do it any way. BUT in control. (I wondered about so many things about you after learning so much about you)

11. A person who will die because of bicycle. (another additional info)

12. A Love Guru
You have different categories or ways of falling in love.

13. Loved by God.
NO MATTER WHAT : ) And I still want to be your friend, no matter what.

Btw, Forgive me for the drama. You’re one of the person I will miss the most. These memories and prayers are all I have left of you.

I genuinely hope that you find all the happiness you deserve.

Auntie Writes


Today, I am missing my niece, Louise. So I decided to write her a letter which she’ll probably read by the time she’s 7 to 8 years old.

I hope you’ll like it, Louise. I’m the sweetest Auntie, ikr? – you know, the only Aunt you have (on your dad’s side). But even if you do have more, I’d be the coolest. *wink*

Amanda Louise


Dear Amanda Louise,

This isn’t the first blog that I talked about you. I remember blogging last year when we knew that We’re Expecting A Baby.  : )

I’m always excited and looking forward to every weekend that I’ll be seeing you. (If only I can bring you to the office, I will teach you about digital marketing, and let you do my job  hehe)

I am so happy whenever I am holding you. I love kissing your tiny hands and feet.  And oh! my heart melts when you smile.  Such a joy.

I know it’s too early to bask in your developmental milestones because there will be more! But right now, I am impressed on how you’re trying to carry your head.  Good job!

I would also like to commend your parents for doing the Baby-Wise thingy on you. I only saw that book once, but I do think that it’s effective. I might want to try it someday to my future child(ren)

I love how you cry (I mean, I don’t want to see you cry, but it’s cute!) but most of the time, you’re so quiet and so easy to stop you from crying.

I also love it when you’re acting like you understand us and trying to make a conversation with your eye-expressions and cute sounds that no one can interpret yet we understand and it makes us smile.

I just simply love everything about you.

Also, It seems like you’re a lola’s girl. (Be careful, she might spoil you, but promise me, don’t be bratty, okay?)

I want you to know that I will always provide a safe place for you to voice any questions you have, as you get older.  if you ever find there is a time you need to talk with someone and cannot go to your mom or dad, Sometimes, life is confusing and I am here for you.
I obviously enjoy giving you cute outfits (and my secret goal is to slowly turn you into a panda “Amanda Panda”) There’s a lot of things that I wanted to buy for you, but your dad – my brother, wouldn’t want me to spend too much, so I’m starting to control and fight the urge of buying you stuff. (I don’t think I can. Haha!)

Amanda Louise, Isn’t she Lovely?

I really love your name (and you, of course). I remember asking kuya, what does it mean?

Amanda comes from a Latin word meaning “beloved”, “lovable, worthy of love” while Louise is a French word meaning “renowned warrior”.

Although in the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, Juliet says that the person’s name is not merely as important as what the person is on the inside. However, in the Bible, name plays a significant role in a person’s life and they have a variety of functions.

For example, Moses, his name literally means “to draw out” because his mother drew him out of a river (Exodus 2:10) sometimes because of parents’ reaction Isaac which means “laughter” (Genesis 21:6) and some were used to secure family ties, when John the Baptist was nearly given the name of his father (Luke 1:59) some of the biblical names could be used to communicate God’s message, and many more.

I just pray that you will live up to your name – To Love and be loved.

Names are too often used to express the nature of a person. See how amazing it is? The best example for this is the name Jesus which literally means “The Lord saves” (Matthew 1:20-21) and yes, He did save us. I can’t wait to introduce you to Jesus as soon as you can. I am sure you will love him, I promise. We will never run out of stories about His greatness and blessings – that includes you, Amanda.

I love being an aunt because of you.

Know that I will always be here for you. I want to provide a safe place for you, to voice any questions you have as you get older. (And when there are times when you need to talk with someone and cannot go to your mom or dad). I know, sometimes, life is confusing and I am here for you. Let’s figure things out and I will stand with you in prayers.


Here’s my little prayer for you.
Heavenly Father, Thank you for your many gifts, especially for blessing us the life of our princess, Louise. I submit her to You.

She’s really a blessing and joy to us all. I do pray that you make that a continuing reality. That she will fill the lives of all the people around her with that deep, cavernous joy that comes from knowing You.

God, I know You love her more than we do. I just pray that you would give her everything her heart desires. Use her to change the world for You. Make her heart yearn to learn Your word. Use the beauty of the surroundings to remind her family’s love. Every time she sees the beauty of sunrise and sunset, have her reflect on Your majesty and power. Don’t let anything stand in the way between her relationship with You. Amen


Love you always,

Aunt Aubi


Missed Chances And Unreciprocated Love (Sara Bareilles – Between the Lines)


between the lines
Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. It’s through our words and actions that we share ourselves with others. However, not all of us are good in expressing how we feel and what we really meant to say.

This is exactly why people would rather implicitly communicate what they think, what they feel, as if the subtle words that they are using are enough to convey the depth of their emotion. Worse, they often say nothing at all. Ugh. But wouldn’t life be much simpler if people can just say what they mean without worrying about the repercussions?

The rainy season brought on a feeling that I haven’t explored much since listening to Regina Spektor’s Samson.  This time the song Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles accompanied me in one of my cold and melancholic nights, enveloping me with an emotion that disturbed. I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to feel sad every now and then, but that creeping feeling still seems foreign to me. Research says that mild, temporary states of sadness may actually be beneficial in handling various aspects of our lives. Many of the greatest achievements of art, music, and literature explore the landscape of sadness. In fact, the movie Inside Out explored this through a character appropriately named Sadness and her role in Riley’s life. And I thought, apart from the weather, wanting to feel sad will help me reflect about my life, think about the things I’ve done or things I’m about to do. One of those realisations came to me when I listened to Between the Lines: the complexity of relationships.

(listen to it with Spotify lyrics and feel it, please)

I know each one of us has a different opinion and interpretation about the song, but for me,  it’s about two people who are “friends” (probably more than friends but less than lovers) and the girl had feelings for her friend, never said anything,  and now he has found someone else. They will always be “between the lines”

“I thought I was ready to bleed
That we’d move from the shadows on the wall
And stand in the center of it all
Too late, two choices, to stay or to leave
Mine was so easy to uncover
He’d already left with the other”

I was reminded of a friend’s story, who opened up a similar situation. (I asked permission if I can blog about their story, she said yes but doesn’t want to named her, so let’s just hide her by the pronoun “she”)

They built a strong friendship. They told secrets to each other, life plans, and goals. The two of them can just hang out, maybe watch a film, without any kind of malice.

Or so they thought.

You see, those feelings grew.

They placed themselves in a vulnerable situation in which you and I can be.

Let’s not talk about their story anymore, because I think opening up your heart to another person and hoping for him or her to love you in return IS SO COMMON.


“loving someone who didn’t love you back” The saddest, most painful part of it all. But you love anyway.  I think that’s the essence of loving. You’re giving away part of you without asking anything in return.

Sara seems to embody a feeling that probably most everyone has experienced in life.

“Too late, two choices, to stay or to leave”

Often the most REGRETTED words are those left UNSAID.

You either free your soul and spill, or die in torment to salvage.

This is the part where you will have to decide to keep it because you’re afraid of rejection or probably scared of losing the friendship.  If you know for sure that the feelings are mutual, then there is no risk involved.

I tell myself all the words he surely meant to say
I’ll talk until the conversation doesn’t stay on
Wait for me, I’m almost ready when he meant let go

She was ready to come out and tell him how she feels and then they would be together. but she was too late.

Let go.

the two of you would have been an unstoppable force and an amazing love story – or NOT.

I understand why there are things that should not be said. Or if we will, it should be done with WISDOM. How we say it and the right timing when we say it.

Okay, that’s the end of my blog post. I don’t know how to end this. Haha! BUT I DEFINITELY add this song as one of my fave unrequited love songs.

I just want to say few more things.

Woman, I still believed that we deserved to be pursued but if the guy’s actions made you feel confused, I believed you can ask “WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION?” (PewDiePie accent) but please, be patient and love your guy friends with brotherly love. If God intended you to be partners, He will surely nourish that love in His time.

and GUYS, please, man-up. Lay down your intentions, be ready for a NO and don’t play with our fragile heart and emotions. huhu.

Alright, what is my point now?

Sometimes, it will not work the way we want it. (That’s reality) but even if it doesn’t, be assured that we can trust God. Later on, you will be thankful about why things happened that way. (I’m not trying to be religious or anything.) But this is FAITH.

Understand that life isn’t just about you and your love story but HIS LOVE STORY.

Romans 5:8

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

This is TRUE LOVE.

God’s love is unconditional, and it’s not based on feelings or emotions. He doesn’t love us because we’re lovable or because we make Him feel good; He loves us because He is love. He created us to have a loving relationship with Him, and He sacrificed His own Son (who also willingly died for us) to restore that relationship.

Agree? 🙂

Thank you. I love you for taking time reading this.

What’s your thought about the song? about the love story of my friend? about unrequited love? and other random stuff. Tell me. 🙂

Envisioned Dreams


This blog post (after a 5-month hiatus) was inspired by Kevin Si, who constantly pushes me to blog and encourage my growth as a human being. You’re a blessing, Kevin. 

“Where do you see yourself 5 years from now and are you working towards it?” Aside from job interviews which this question is commonly asked, I encountered the same question from a friend. I don’t remember answering this question, I think I just said, “Ikaw?” (how about you?) and he answered it.

Last night, we then again randomly talked about life. And the conversation naturally flows to some sort of career talk and office matters. This person is a good encourager and loves to challenge people around him, me (on the other hand) doesn’t have any choice but to take the challenge (well, it’s for my own growth). He asked me to blog about my dreams. I actually don’t know how to start but here I am, typing and contemplating about my dreams in life.



Steve Jobs says,

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

So, are we supposed to love first what we’re doing or rather follow Confucius when he says

 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

But I believe, either way, loving is a decision. I believe wherever God placed us in different seasons of our lives, it has a purpose and we should excel for God. Like what the bible says is Collosians 3:23 that

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

Easier said than done, I know.

Well then, let’s say you’re in a situation where you aren’t exactly doing the things you love, or maybe, you can’t even get a job. You might want to pause for a while and start asking yourself a couple of questions; questions that might help you discover what is it that you really want – Why is it that your life is the way it is? Where would you like to be headed? How does the perfect life looks for you, and many other question that might help you get back on the right track and start living the life that you really want.

The point is, loving your job is one thing, and loving the impact your job has on someone else is another. If you don’t totally hate your job but find you’re not that happy with what you are doing, try this one little simple activity: Go and see your work being received. See how it impacts someone else, another coworker, a customer, another team, or whoever benefits from your work.



We all have dreams, God ordained dreams that will do great things for Him.

Growing up, I have a lot of things that I want to become. A Doctor, Teacher, Cashier, Astronaut, and some jobs that I realized that don’t really exist. What drives me is the excitement and a chance to help other people. (See? I’m a good girl, I really want to help other people. hehe)

I ended up taking a Bachelors degree in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse which allows me to passionately take care of the people from womb to tomb. It is indeed a privilege and fulfilling on my part to do such thing.

But what separates my inner kid’s career dreams and now is when I was young, Money is not an issue. I mean, regardless of what my future careers may pay, I know I can grow up to be anything I want – unless, that is, if I want to be SpongeBob.

In my previous blog, I do mention Why I Gave Up The Job I Love.

Priority – If money is not a priority you can choose the job what you love. But I’m not saying you cannot have the best of both worlds. Miracles do happen, I think it still exists.  😀



I still dream to become a Doctor. But I don’t have enough money to pay for my tuition fee as a med student and I don’t want to study for 4 more years, not to mention the Physician Licensure Exam, the internship, fellowship and specialization. (Okay, I think, let’s just forget about being a doctor since I am not willing to pursue this. :P)

I wanted to become a leader who teaches my specialty, let’s say I am sooo expert in the niche of Social Media, I wanted to train a team, speak in a conference like in SEO Summit and share my knowledge and skills. (Is it doable?) I also want to strategize and make a big impact in each client I am handling or in our own product in the future. I have learned to love my job as a Social Media Specialist since I started working at SEO Hacker.

One thing I know for sure is that I love working in the lives of the children. Whether a volunteer or not – this gave birth to my Pediatric Nurse dream when I was in College. However, I found joy in being part of the Health Professionals Volunteers and Operation Blessings in joining medical missions and outreach program. And of course, my once-a-month kids volunteer in our local Church. There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing things that you’re passionate about.



My parents’ support plays a big role in my career and aspirations. No, don’t get me wrong, they didn’t tell me what to do, what to take and what to pursue. I just need their support and their approval. I always asked their opinion, what they think if I do this, and that etc. I believe there are blessings in obedience so when they say no or yes to something, I have confidence in doing so. Provided it is logically correct and reasonable. But most of the time I have to make decisions on my own. I always get the answers like “Did you pray for it? If yes, then go. Up to you. What makes you happy”.  Even if it sounds like a template reply you will know if there’s a hidden no or yes on how they say it. (Is it just me?)

Knowing that there is someone out there supporting me all throughout is enough to keep me going. Thank God for family.



It’s like a psychology of pain and pleasure. Reward – Punishment system. What drives you to do what you’re doing?


That when you don’t do well, you know that the outcome is not what you desire. For example, you’re working to earn money and if you’re not working good enough you will not earn good enough. And that will force you to work harder and eventually if you still don’t get what you want, you will feel unsatisfied and burned-out.

This sort of reminds me of KevSi’s article  Stop Working For What You Need


The bible says in Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Every destination emerges from a vision. If you do not think about or visualize about the things that you want to happen, you will never thrive to accomplish them. One needs to have a goal in life in order to grab it.

Can you imagine reaching the stars, when actually you have never seen them? Certainly not! You should have something to eye upon first before you plan to claim it.

That is why when we’re working in a company or any corporate job, it is important that we know the company’s vision and work towards it.

Motivation is important in fulfilling our dreams. However, in the midst of inspiring others and expecting kind words from our loved ones, we often forget that no other person can drive us to do anything in life but ourselves. Motivation or self-motivation inculcates that passion in us that is required to ‘live’ and not just ‘survive’ in this world.


My mom is always praying for me and my brothers. (She always tells me that *wink) It’s so comforting to know that someone is investing in our dreams by means of prayer.

God wants us to dream His dreams. The Lord has a specific dream for each one of us, and He will put that dream into our hearts if we listen carefully.  But the only way we can hear Him is when we continue to pursue an intimate relationship with Him. Pray and read His word.


I hope this blog post encouraged you to pursue your dreams.

No, day dreaming will not land you at your destination. Just set yourself free, have faith and live your dream!

And I hope none of us will end up singing Les Miserable’s I Dreamed A Dream.

I had a dream my life would be

So different from this hell I’m living

So different now, from what it seemed

Now life has killed the dream I dreamed


Dream BIG! Remember this song.

Your love is higher

Than the skies up above

Your love is wider

Than what I can dream of

Your love is deeper

It’s the greatest of all.

-Higher, Wider, Deeper by Citipointe


“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him to glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!”

Ephesians 3:20-21


Fasting Playlist


Worship isn’t about music. But it’s hard to imagine worship without music.  I’m afraid that most people view worship and music as synonymous.

However, music can help to move people’s feelings and emotions to the direction of worship. But let us be reminded that it is the Lord who  initiates worship. We may have extravagant music, with super awesome songs but if our hearts is not in line with Him – it’s nothing. Worship is an overflowing of our relationship with Him. When we know How great and marvelous He is, we are moved to worship. We will then understand why we feel like dancing, why do we need to raise our hands, why we can sing, why we can shout, why we can play music.

Music or no music, beautiful songs or not beautiful songs, TRUE WORSHIP begins in the heart. When we worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  It reminds me of Day 2 of Prayer and Fasting: Honor God with our Worship. It is the recognition and response to the worth of God. Only when we know Him, we can worship Him in truth.

I personally love music. I always have my earphones with me, ipad, iphone and itouch (all have offline playlists on spotify)

The songs that I’m listening greatly affect my feelings. I was once fell in love on the lyrics and idea of it. (It has a good and bad effects though)

Music has a profound effect on your mind, spirit and behavior. Choose carefully the music you listen to. Pay attention on how you feel when you are listening. Be mindful of the lyrics, words you utter, beat, hymns. Avoid music that can dull your spiritual sensitivity. I don’t know, I can’t explain it further (maybe on the next blog posts), but I know you get it.

Check out my Fasting Playlist on Spotify.

  • Hungry -MercyMe
  • The more I seek You – Kari Jobe
  • Give me Faith – Elevation Worship
  • The Heart of Worship – Matt Redman
  • Draw Me Close – The Katinas
  • You’ll Come – Hillsong
  • None but Jesus – Hillsong
  • From the Inside Out – Hillsong
  • Came to my Rescue – Hillsong
  • You alone can Rescue – Matt Redman
  • Revelation Song – Kari Jobe
  • Chasing After You – Jonathan Stockstill
  • Deeper – Planetshakers
  • Higher, Wider, Deeper – Citipointe
  • Forever Reign – Hillsong
  • It is You – Hillsong
  • Desert Song – Hillsong
  • I can Only Imagine – MercyMe
  • Psalm 139 – MercyMe
  • I Surrender All – Klaus
  • Dominion
  • Like A Fire
  • Encounter Me
  • Forever
  • How He Loves
  • Where The Love Lasts Forever
  • Unending Love
  • God Is Able
  • With Everything
  • His Glory Apprears
  • Amazed
  • Open the Eyes of my Heart
  • Solution

Most of em are my favorites. But all of em speaks to me during this fasting week. The lyrics became my prayer and I own it.

How abou you? What d’you love to listen? Does the music you listen to invite the Holy Spirit?

12MN Vehement


I feel sad tonight, for reasons that I myself is responsible for. I keep thinking about something that I know will hurt me and will make me feel unassertive. First pitty party after NY (you are invited) *deep sigh*

Emo moment while listening to “Name Above All Names” by Martha Munizzi. It is one of the lineup songs for January 4 schedule. (It is actually an upbeat song and very inappropriate to feel sad) It started with a song The reason why I feel forlorn is that, the song has a complicated arrangement (in my own opinion) AND I’m having a hard time practicing it. No chords available on the internet, only paid piano sheet which I’m trying to read on the preview (I don’t have money to purchase a legit one) and so I wrote it.

I gave myself a break after practicing for almost the whole day.

While playing COC (I know this is irrelevant) all my builders are unavailable so I closed my ipad and stare at the ceiling. Then my thought lingers… “I am not good enough” in all things that I’m doing. Even for this one that I thought I am passionate with.

*Sad face*

I’ve been playing keyboard for 4 years or more, and yet I am not growing. I still play like uhm, what, a beginner? Or perhaps the next level after that.

Then, I encourage myself.. “Aubrey, you can do it, just listen to the song once again”

“But maybe that’s right, I am not good enough… lahat nalang! Even at work, I am not growing, bla bla bla”

SO ANONG GAGAWIN KO? Mag-eemote nalang ako forevs? NO WAY.

I took time to pray. I am focusing too much with myself, forgetting that it is not about me (it will never be). I asked God for forgiveness with these unhealthy thoughts. After all, it will all boils down to my relationship with HIM, how much I trust Him to do these things for me, and how will I improve myself that I will reflect His glory. Allowing his wisdom and power to manifest in my weakness.

Now, I am overwhelmed with His word.

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19 NLT


I can really feel His comfort tonight. He’s really a father who constantly reminds me how much He loves me. I know He felt the same way with you. ^^

And so while the song is on loop when these things happened, It was on the bridge part that says

“Jesus, God with us, more than enough… oh, how I love Your name.”

Even if I am not good enough, He is more than enough.

Now, I will sleep with a smile. Secured, loved, ready for tomorrow’s practice, done with this unedited blog, wu-hoo! (I have 3 more on my drafts) and lastly, my COC builders are finished – will make them build again before I sleep.


Sunrise: A Year After Haiyan


It’s been a year after Haiyan/Yolanda – the deadliest typhoon on record to have hit the Philippines. I’ve been seeing a lot of commemorative events in the news today, all the pictures and videos brings back the memories to me.

Tacloban (photo creds: Chito Vecina)

Last year, November 22, 2013. Our team – Victory Caravan, together with Operation Blessing, and CBN Asia went to Volunteer in giving relief goods and to render Medical Missions and Trauma Counseling for the survivors of the typhoon.

It was an extraordinary experience.

I cannot explain the scenery when we got there. Catastrophic and devastated aren’t enough words to describe them. Bent coconut trees, debris, cadaver on the streets, and homeless people. All we can do is pray and render the services that we can.

While hearing different stories earlier, I was reminded of Janina’s song dedicated to the typhoon victims, entitled “Sunrise”  (see lyrics below)

I love the part which says

Take a chance and see your battle’s won
Keep moving on, keep moving on, keep moving on


It may be difficult but be assured of this: we are victorious in Jesus Christ! The battle is already won.

The clouds may be blocking out the sun
Hold on tight, the good days will come

Today, the neighbourhood is little more than a chaotic shantytown. Nearly 90% of the 7,000-odd residents have come back, according to local barangay councillors, and nearly all of them have rebuilt their homes in the same location as their former dwellings – Praise God!

See the Incredible photos show a changed Philippines one year after Super Typhoon Haiyan – by Mashable

Remembrance of Victim

It doesn’t matter who is buried where, as long they are remembered.

A Year After We Volunteer

What progress has been made a year after Super Typhoon Yolanda? By God’s grace, a lot of help coming in. Few weeks ago, President Aquino approved a $3.74-bn six-year master plan to rebuild housing, social services and public infrastructure.

Yolanda Operation Blessing

I wish I can go back there and visit these kiddos 


Anyway, sharing you the lyrics of the song and hope you’ll find light in whatever situation you’re into right now. 🙂

Sunrise by Janina Vela Punzalan

 COMPOSED BY: Janina Vela and Sofia Paderes

VIDEO BY: Parkway Productions
Special thanks to Archie Castillo

I know you feel like there’s no hope in sight
Don’t worry now
Everything’s gonna be alright

Don’t give up and soon your fears are gone
Keep moving on, keep moving on

Sometimes when you feel
Like nothing is real
Just remember to look to the Light

Darkness may be consuming your night
But soon will come your sunrise

The clouds may be blocking out the sun
Hold on tight, the good days will come

Take a chance and see your battle’s won
Keep moving on, keep moving on, keep moving on

Sometimes when you feel
Like nothing is real
Just remember to look to the Light

Darkness may be consuming your night
But soon will come your sunrise
Soon will come your sunrise

I know that the road’s rough right now
And it’s tough right now
And I know you can’t stand up anymore

You can feel it inside
That spark, that light
It keeps you holding on

Sometimes when you feel
Like nothing is real
Just remember to look to the Light

Darkness may be consuming your night
But soon will come your sunrise

Sometimes when you feel
Like nothing is real
Just remember to look to the Light

Darkness may be consuming your night
But soon will come your sunrise
Soon will come your sunrise
Soon will come your sunrise
Soon will come your sunrise

Photo creds: Mr. Chito Vecina